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A wedding ? A celebration?  Or just a desire to distance yourself

from the other ? 

You’re on the good page !

noeuds papillon sur mesure mariage

Because some event in life are remarkable.  

Le Prisme Bowtie can make it more unique by adapting the colours of your bowtie to suit the colours of your event. 

noeuds papillon rose mariage

You want to stand out from the crowd? You deserve it! 


If you want your bestmen to be easily identifiable at your wedding ? Choose your colours and the bowtie will become a sign. And with the innovative magnet system, even your maid of honor can wear it in her jacket! 

How to do it ?

1- Choose your design, magnet or neckerchief.

2- Define your colours (send us a picture of your colors and we will propose the one who match the more in our coloring of fabrics.

3- Contact us to have a quotation

4- Once the quotation approved, the bowtie will be at your home in one month.

mariage sur mesure noeud
noeud papillon rose

And what about the price ?

M A G N E T   D E S I G N :

From 5 bowties : 30 € the bowtie

From 10 bowties : 27 € the bowtie

From 15 bowties and more : 23 € the bowtie

N E C K E R C H I E F : 

From 5 bowties : 35 € the bowtie

From 10 bowties : 32 € the bowtie

From15 bowtie and more : 28 € the bowtie

You have your own fabric ? We can do the production !

Choose the shape of your choice ( classic or diamond point ) and we will made your bowtie !

Be careful, some fabrics are too thick and the result won't be good.

So, if you have any doubt, please contact us at the following address :

We need 40x60cm to made a bowtie and when we received the fabric you have to count 15 working day

 to make the bowtie.

25 € the bowtie

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